To create stakeholder value through opportunity identification and value creation.


To create a leading alternative asset management platform, accessible to both local and foreign investors, that creates investment opportunities within a sustainable and transparent context in Turkey and her immediate geography.


- Team play based on a transparent and pluralist partnership culture.

- We believe that combining a competent team with specialized strategic partners is key to tangible value creation. A transparent and ethical partnership approach is not only a critical part of our corporate culture but also a defining characteristic of our corporate relations.

- Respectability and adherence to ethics. Our belief in the importance of a strict adherence to the highest ethical standards in our relations with partners, colleagues, competitors and state authorities cannot be understated.

- Focus on quality and perfectionism. We firmly believe that concern for quality is the first step in achieving tangible value creation.

- Creativity. We trust that creativity, coupled with productivity and effectiveness, is one of our discerning characteristics.

- Social and corporate responsibility. We value the cultural development of Turkey and regard this as a criterion in each of our projects and investments.