• OEP RHEA Turkey Tech B.V.
      Investment Date: December 2010
      Purpose: To make private equity investments in Turkey
      Investments: Netaş Telekomünikasyon A.Ş.
      HQ: Amsterdam/Holland

      Rhea Girişim’s Share: 19.79%

      • Seta Medical
        Investment Date: February 2010
        Sector: Healthcare / Patient security and disposable equipments
        CEO: Kemal Kundakci
        HQ: İzmir
        Web Site: http://www.setamedical.com
        Rhea Girişim's Share: 95.6%

      • Netsafe Information System
        Investment Date: January 2010
        Sector: Technology / Information Security
        HQ: İstanbul
        Web Site: http://www.net-safe.com.tr
        Rhea Girişim's Share: 100%

      • RML Lines
        Investment Date: December 2010
        Purpose: Broad scope logistics
        HQ: Istanbul
        Rhea Girişim’s Share: 100%